About Us

About Us


We are a small group of dedicated, motivated and detail-oriented people who are passionate about unclaimed property!
We own FloridaOverbids.com, FloridaTaxAuction.com, Unclaimed Bankruptcy.com, TaxAuctionSurplus.com and SurplusDatabase.com
We decided to take on our most ambitious project yet! UnclaimedPropertyDB.com which is a website containing a database of all types of unclaimed property in the United States, held by the counties and government entities.
Pretty much everyone knows about the unclaimed property being held by each states’ Unclaimed Property Divisions. Those websites are the ones that are touted on TV and in articles all the time. You can view all of those links with a Free Account
Our database focuses on the lesser known (mostly unknown) types of unclaimed property that does NOT show up in those state databases. Counties, Cities and Government Entities all have their own sources, their own lists and we located them!

Read about the different types of unclaimed property

Who uses our website?

Our website is geared towards individuals looking for unclaimed property owed to them or a relative, as well as Asset Recovery Specialists who perform these services for individuals.
As an individual, you may want to join the website with a 2-Day Pass or a Month Pass. You are free to perform as many searches as you like, checking in to all of the unclaimed property sources we have in our database.
As an Asset Recovery Specialist, you may want a Quarterly Subscription. You have a mountain of sources of unclaimed property and can assist the owners of these monies with claiming them for a fee.
There are two different Quarterly Subscriptions:
  • Without Special Requests
  • With Special Requests (5 per month)
If you have Special Requests included, there is a form on our Contact Page that allows you to request we perform special services for you, such as:
  • Obtain an Unclaimed Property List from our sourcesOur database contains links to different sources of unclaimed property in counties across the United States. You can request that we obtain the most recent list from any of our sources
  • Convert a List to Import into SurplusDatabase.comIf you are a client on SurplusDatabase.com (Extended or Pro), you can request that we convert any list from our sources into a format that will import into the database we supplied to you. Please note, this is for Excess Proceeds only. The fields we have in the database align to that type of unclaimed property
  • Convert a List for Skip Trace PurposesWhen you need a spreadsheet of unclaimed property owners, separated into particular fields (ie, First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip), we will do this for you.
You may have unclaimed property sources from another website/business and you need services performed on that list.
  • Other (Please explain in detail on the form)


How to Use Our Website

Every source of unclaimed property has it’s own page here on the website. Once you join us, you can browse through them. There is a link to the source as well as possibly some information we feel you may need to know.
We also tell you if the unclaimed property list shows the Owners Name, Address and the Amount of the unclaimed property
Whenever possible, we include a link to the Claim Form and the Claim Process. We will always give you contact information so you are able to easily obtain these items if we could not provide them.

Also on each page, there is a comment section at the bottom. If you have a question about the source or if the link to the source is no longer good, you can use this section to contact us.

For each source, we label it with the State and County as well as the Type of Unclaimed Property, so you can drill down to locate what you want or choose to look through only a particular type of unclaimed property.


Special Services Requests

Our Asset Recovery Specialist Quarterly ‘With Special Requests’ Clients have access to our Request Form where we can assist you with special services. We are Experts with Microsoft Excel, Access, CSV Files, Data Merging, Bulk Editing and Data Manipulation! Read Full Details here.


How Many Sources are here?

We began this website mid-August 2021. We are still searching and adding new sources every week. We will not stop until we’ve have exhausted every resource. Whenever you join, you will be grandfathered into that price. As we load our website with more sources, the price will rise for new members, but stay the same for current members.
As of 09/25/2022, there are 249 Unclaimed Property Sources in our database. This number does not include state unclaimed property websites. Our sources of unclaimed property are being held by the counties, cities and federal entities. We give you links to the state unclaimed property websites for free when you join any membership, including the free level.

Get Notified of new sources

Each time we add new sources, we will send out a notification email. Be sure you are on our list.

You can also visit this page in your account area to see a list and links of all new sources.

Free Membership Includes:

  • eBook “Types of Unclaimed Property”
Learn about all the different types of property laying around, being held by the Cities and Counties (Not the states)

  • eBook “Locate Unclaimed Property”
For individuals searching for money owed to them personally or to a relative.

  • eBook “Asset Recovery of Tax Deed Surplus”
For Asset Recovery Specialists. Learn how to help others claim surplus money from tax deed auctions.

  • Links to State Unclaimed Property Websites

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