Special Requests Explained

You receive 5 Special Request each month if you are on the Quarterly w/ Special requests Level.

100 Records = 1 Request

For example, if you want us to gather a list from records that are printed on a website and there are 300 of them, that will equal 3 requests.

If you want us to convert a PDF to an excel sheet, with fields in their own columns and there are 500 records on that PDF, that will equal 5 requests.

We will always round up or down at the 50 mark. So up to 150 records would be 1 request, 151 records would be 2 requests.

You can purchase additional requests as often as you like at $20 each. Purchased Requests expire at the end of every month so be sure to use what you buy.

Here is a further explanation of the Special Requests:

Obtain an Unclaimed Property List from our sources

Our website is filled with links to unclaimed property lists across the U.S. We give instructions on how to obtain the list but you can also request that we go get it for you. Downloading certain lists would be easy for you to do on your own, but there may be lists that are printed as text on a county’s website. We can copy and paste those onto an Excel sheet for example.

Convert a List to Import into SurplusDatabase.com

The lists you obtain from these counties come in various formats: PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel or you may need to copy and paste off a list on one of their web pages. We will take a list and convert it into a CSV File that you can import into your online database on SurplusDatabase.com

Convert a List for Skip Trace Purposes

We will also take a list and convert it onto an Excel Spreadsheet and/or CSV File with the columns filled with information as you would need it to submit to a skip tracer. (First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip)

Obtain and Convert a List that is not on our website

You may have access to lists that are not on our website (yet). We can perform our services on those lists as well.

Other Special Services (Just Ask)

As an example, we can take a list that is almost useless because it doesn’t contain owner names or address, and turn that into a list you can use.*

*Please note, this specific example would not be included in your 5 Monthly Requests. This is a highly valuable service that we can provide. Use the form here for a Quote (Scroll to the bottom for the Quote Form)